Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Don't Forget the Details: Photographing the little changes

I started a very long rambling post about my history with photography only to realize that it had several messages within it, none pertaining to what I wanted to say at this moment! 

What I did want to say is not to forget to capture the details of the moment. When you are taking pictures for your family, capturing those all important smiles.. don't forget to catch the details. Little things that you miss when they are gone. Those tiny things that you love now, that you forget about later on.

I will always regret not taking a picture of my oldest sons ears when he was a newborn. He had tiny little ears shaped like the letter "C", then he grew and the ears grew and turned into normal ears (hahaha). I always remember gushing over those tiny Shrek ears. They changed so fast that I never managed to get a picture of them. He's 7 now, his feet are almost as big as mine.. his pants are getting longer and longer. I always wish that I could just got back in time for ONE day, for each of my boys, to snuggle them as infants. 

Time passes by so fast, those tiny details are lost, some completely forgotten. I can't keep the feel of them in my arms, nor the smell of their baby soft skin. The only thing I can keep are the pictures. I can look back and remember all those small things, those little things, that I loved so much.

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I'm working hard to remind myself to capture the details, sometimes it's those little things that leave the biggest impressions. 

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