Sunday, November 24, 2013

Preschool Rockstars!

I had the extreme pleasure (and luck) to be able to take pictures for a local Preschool. I was thrilled with the opportunity as preschool kids are such a blast. Here are a few highlighted superstars from that day!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beautiful Baby

Look at this gorgeous girl! Isn't she a dream? Her Mom and Dad are just the luckiest people on earth. 

web (21 of 146)

web (23 of 146)web (37 of 146)

web (43 of 146)

web (3 of 146)

web (68 of 146)web (76 of 146)

web (91 of 146)

web (63 of 146)

web (95 of 146)web (105 of 146)

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web (127 of 146)web (19 of 146)

And this to leave off, because it makes me giggle.

web (55 of 146)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Walk of Shame Wednesday

As I was going through some old images I ran into a few "gems" and thought I would share them as part of my "walk of shame". I have to admit that I thought these were pretty darn awesome at the time.

Beware of FAD photography, it doesn't last and later on you look back and think "What in goodness name did I do to that image???"

Yes, awesome selective colour eyes and crappy B&W conversion! Score!!

The same boy, more recently, he doesn't let me get pictures of him very often anymore:
web (60 of 78)

More selective colour, I really thought this was the best picture evah! Contrast with something a bit more current.
BW1web (1 of 1)-3

What a sweet clutched foot, granted I hope I was just taking these for memory rather than skill.
HPIM0951WEB (18)

Last but not least, this sweet sweet image. I am pretty sure I knew this was a bad shot when I took it (after getting a DSLR) but I thought I would "save" it with some creative processing.... (yikes). As you can see we have an uncomfortable baby, terrible processing, and just well... the specialness of this image speaks for itself I think. Hahahahaha

I don't even have anything I can contrast this with, other than THIS face:
web (14 of 37)

So the point being, everyone starts somewhere and everyone has to keep striving for more. I hope that I can keep on progressing in skills, and keep a good sense of humour over my shameful past. The main lesson is "Selective Colour" is pretty terrible on everything. Just don't do it. It's like the Glamour shots of the 80's and 90's, horrifying (and I have some of those too, which I will never share...ever).

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tchotchke Tuesday

I thought that to get myself blogging more, and taking more photographs that I would start Tchotchke Tuesday. I am a packrat. There I've said it. I save things for inordinate amounts of time. I buy useless items that tickle my fancy. I have an entire room (not my bedroom) devoted to crafts, photography, and yes... tchotchke's (misc items that may or may not have any use). 

I can't display most of them, thanks to having three boys, two dogs and a husband (bulls in a china shop?). I'm going to introduce one of my special trinkets and show you why.

I found this gem of a teacup at Value Village and I just had to have it, it was so pretty.

web (1 of 3)

Moments later I walked away to find another bit of something to photograph and I walked in on two of the boys with this little surprise.

web (3 of 3)

You'll be happy to know that I've kept the pieces. You know... because I might fix it one day. ;)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beautiful Outdoor Maternity

This beautiful couple recently welcomed the birth of their beautiful baby!! I am so happy for them, they were a dream to work with. 

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web (177 of 178)web (159 of 178)
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web (125 of 178)web (105 of 178)
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web (79 of 178)web (50 of 178)
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web (38 of 178)
web (3 of 3)web (20 of 178)
web (6 of 178)

Aren't they to die for? No wonder I couldn't pick fewer images, and there are still so many more that I love. I can't wait to meet the new addition to their family. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

New Hope Dog Rescue, Dogs looking for forever homes!

I had the greatest privilege of taking Lacey pictures for the New Hope Dog Rescue . I had offered my services in order to help update some of the dogs images, as there is an indication that better photos of the pets help increase adoption rates! That makes perfect sense to me, as sometimes a pets online photograph is the only way that the public gets to "see" the pet in the shelter. 

I've always wanted to help out at a shelter, but at this time we are in no position to take in anymore animals (2 dogs, 3 sons, and 1 husband.... I've got my hands extra full). I have also wanted to use my photography in order to help out organizations that are in need of photographic services. 

She is a high energy puppy that would make an outdoorsy family VERY happy! Please help Lacey find a forever home! If you or someone you know does adopt Lacey please email me and I will send you all the images of Lacey in High Resolution digital files.

Here is her profile (it may say adopted, but she has not been adopted as of Oct 15, 2013)

If Lacey isn't the right puppy for you, maybe one of these gorgeous dogs are:


Monday, October 7, 2013

Newborn: Before & After

What goes into editing? Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. Editing is a way for the photographer to polish an image. I shoot RAW image files, which means I need to go through the files and edit them for colour and sharpness. 

Newborns are specifically tricky because they are often jaundiced (yellow skin) or have newborn skin issues (flaky skin, rash, milia, baby acne) etc. I try to keep my skin editing to a bare minimum, so as not to take away from the reality of the moment and image.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Simply Gorgeous Newborn.

This sweet lady was 12 days young and a dream to work with. She had the most adorable fat cheeks, and looks deceptively large in the pictures. She was under 7lbs at birth! 

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web (3 of 31)
web (1 of 41)web (34 of 41)
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web (11 of 41)web (23 of 41)
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