Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tchotchke Tuesday

I thought that to get myself blogging more, and taking more photographs that I would start Tchotchke Tuesday. I am a packrat. There I've said it. I save things for inordinate amounts of time. I buy useless items that tickle my fancy. I have an entire room (not my bedroom) devoted to crafts, photography, and yes... tchotchke's (misc items that may or may not have any use). 

I can't display most of them, thanks to having three boys, two dogs and a husband (bulls in a china shop?). I'm going to introduce one of my special trinkets and show you why.

I found this gem of a teacup at Value Village and I just had to have it, it was so pretty.

web (1 of 3)

Moments later I walked away to find another bit of something to photograph and I walked in on two of the boys with this little surprise.

web (3 of 3)

You'll be happy to know that I've kept the pieces. You know... because I might fix it one day. ;)

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