About me

I am a mother to THREE wonderful little men, they are the delight of my life. These guys have really re-introduced me to photography, and I have to give them the credit for the passion that I have found for this art. Many moons ago I took photography in high school and it was definitely the class that I put the most effort into (I'm not sure if that says much about my scholarly behavior). I used to love developing black and white film, the whole dark room experience was like magic. Having the photos develop in front of my eyes just amazed me. Of course now I use a digital camera and all my processing is done on the computer (quite often after the kids go to bed, and still in a dark room... minus the chemicals and running water). It is still magical to me. The whole process is fun and exciting. I love directing the sessions, taking the photos and then running home to post process them. Imagine on top of that my excitement when the mail comes and in it I get my gorgeous photographs. Its like Christmas every time I open a box from the printer. That's why I love this, and that's why I want to capture some special, fun, amazing, and emotion-filled moments with you and your family.