Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fairies, princesses, brides... oh MY!

I love my boys, they are fantastic... however, having boys means a sore lacking in the princess-fairy-bride area of life (although I did offer my oldest the chance to tag along to this session if he wanted to dress up like the girls... I was turned down rather quickly).

A friend who lives close by has these two girls that I was just dying to take pictures of. They were just exactly what I was looking for. So of course like any sane photographer/artist I harassed her for the chance to borrow her girls... as well as dictate the sessions style. 

I had so much fun. She dropped off a series of costumes they had for me to choose from. I got to pick out jewellery, crowns, wings etc. I was in girly-stuff heaven. I also went super wild and heavy handed editing, and it was the best time ever. I loved every moment of it. 

Sometimes you just have to do a session that pushes your artistic vision. 


web (19)

web (27)

web (29)

web (31)

web (33)

web (35)


web (73)

web (67)

web (65)

web (43)

web (49)

web (51)

web (55)

web (59)

web (61)

web (47)

Over share?? YES! But I had to, I love them all. If I could share all of them I would, I love them THAT much.

Now I just need to think of an awesome boy session. Girls really can't have ALL the fun.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vintage wedding! So much fun!

I don't really DO weddings, but I was persuaded to do the wedding formals for this lovely couple (who has been on this blog before).

We were really apprehensive because the night before the session/wedding the weather channel called for thunder showers.. something very few would love on the day of their wedding (or photo session, in my case). We were thrilled then to have a hot sunny day! You can imagine my relief when I woke up that morning to see clear blue skies and the sun!

Aren't they beautiful?
DSC_8938 texture

DSC_8936 texture

Woohoo, we're married! If you're wondering why there is no one else there it's because the wedding didn't actually take place at this particular church.
DSC_8926 texture

DSC_8916 texture

DSC_8909 texture

DSC_8767 texture

Awesome much?
DSC_8835 texture

webBW (52 of 120)

webBW (58 of 120)

DSC_8873 texture

webBW (61 of 120)

DSC_9122_pp texture

webBW (114 of 120)

Thanks to the awesome family that trusted me to take their wedding formals! I still can't see myself jumping into weddings any time in the near future... but never say never! I think we had a great time and I am so glad that I was given this opportunity!