Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Newborn- 6 days young.

Well this is the little guy that was in that belly from my last post! Isn't he adorable? He arrived a little early, turning plans for more maternity photos into a bust. However, what's better than maternity photos? Newborn photos of course!

Here are a few of my favorite in colour!

He's so worried, look at that furrowed brow.
web (3 of 7)

web (1 of 7)

b7w (1 of 2)

And here are some of my favorite black and white photographs.

web (2 of 14)

web (12 of 12)

Look at the fuzzy little ear.
web (6 of 7)

Thats it for tonight!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby bump

My friend was so kind as to let me take pictures of her very nice baby bump. I can't wait to see this baby, but in the meantime the belly is way too cute.

Just belly pics!


BWWEB (28)

BWWEB (44)

What would a maternity photo session be without the famous "heart hands"... which is interestingly enough the cousin to the "jazz hand" wink wink.

BWWEB (24)

BWWEB (46)

I am in love with these in B&W.
BWWEB (26)

Trust me, her face is just as gorgeous as the bump. :) But felt like I would limit my share to belly only pictures. Hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed taking them. Its such an awesome change to work with adults.