Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Walk of Shame Wednesday

As I was going through some old images I ran into a few "gems" and thought I would share them as part of my "walk of shame". I have to admit that I thought these were pretty darn awesome at the time.

Beware of FAD photography, it doesn't last and later on you look back and think "What in goodness name did I do to that image???"

Yes, awesome selective colour eyes and crappy B&W conversion! Score!!

The same boy, more recently, he doesn't let me get pictures of him very often anymore:
web (60 of 78)

More selective colour, I really thought this was the best picture evah! Contrast with something a bit more current.
BW1web (1 of 1)-3

What a sweet clutched foot, granted I hope I was just taking these for memory rather than skill.
HPIM0951WEB (18)

Last but not least, this sweet sweet image. I am pretty sure I knew this was a bad shot when I took it (after getting a DSLR) but I thought I would "save" it with some creative processing.... (yikes). As you can see we have an uncomfortable baby, terrible processing, and just well... the specialness of this image speaks for itself I think. Hahahahaha

I don't even have anything I can contrast this with, other than THIS face:
web (14 of 37)

So the point being, everyone starts somewhere and everyone has to keep striving for more. I hope that I can keep on progressing in skills, and keep a good sense of humour over my shameful past. The main lesson is "Selective Colour" is pretty terrible on everything. Just don't do it. It's like the Glamour shots of the 80's and 90's, horrifying (and I have some of those too, which I will never share...ever).

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