Friday, May 3, 2013

Fun and Colourful Faces: Modern Child Portraits

This is the second half of my Party Portrait sessions! The lighter half, and the very silly and fun part of the session. The kids are asked to choose from a series of props, whatever they want, for their images. It's amazing the different personalities you get through a session!

Because the kids are playing and having a good time with their friends, they are already in a great mood, not to mention they get snacks and drinks. It's a great time all around. The parents are also able to just wander around and chat with one another, no more standing behind the photographer saying "SMILE! SMIIIILE! Please just smile this one time!" and then feeling pressured to choose an image right at that moment or shortly after. At the same time parents were available for those little hair fixes and spot checks that are sometimes missed when kids are left on their own for pictures.

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