Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sleeping Beauty: Newborn Baby Girl part 2.

So here we are, hushed and fed and quiet. Baby falls into a deep deep sleep and we can capture all those little sleep smiles and wonderful dreams that they must be having. 

With newborn photography you never know what you are going to get. Often a single session can take up to 4 hours! Baby usually needs to be fed a lot, and cuddled (in only a diaper and blanket) until they fall asleep and can be handled without fear of waking. I usually have parents turn up the heat, and I also bring a small space heater and noise machine. Needless to say, I wear a lot of antiperspirant.. it gets hot! 

Sometimes it takes only a few minutes before baby is ready for pictures, sometimes it can take a few hours. Patience is key when photographing newborns. They are on their own schedule and you can't rush them.

WEB (28)WEB (26)
WEB (19)WEB (57)
WEB (71)
WEB (61)WEB (75)

I love simple newborn photographs. A new baby is so beautiful and precious that I think too many props end up taking away from the main focus of the image. What's more gorgeous that a new baby?

WEB (91)
WEB (99)WEB (88)

Some of my very favorite newborn images are the most simple, just baby on a black or neutral background. 

WEB (109)WEB (118)
WEB (132)WEB (128)

I love newborns! I must since I also work with them at the hospital as an RN on Post Partum. There is something so wonderful about new babies and the growing bond between them and their families. 

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