Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bright Eyes: Newborn Baby Girl part 1.

I have to break this post up into two because there are just too many images that I love and want to share. So for part one I wanted to share the "awake" images of this gorgeous baby girl. She was such a sweet little thing and so quiet.

Sometimes its hard to know what to do with a baby that won't sleep because they won't fall into the typical newborn sleeping poses. You can still get stunning images of baby while awake. The images of baby awake and alert tend to be some of the parents favorite images. So don't fret if your baby won't sleep, there are still so many more moments to capture!

Sweet baby with Mom.

Web (5 of 20)-2Web (16 of 20)
Web (12 of 20)

My favorites, aren't new babies amazing?
Web (19 of 20)Web (20 of 20)-2

Baby with Dad, I love these in B&W. 
Web (10 of 15)Web (14 of 15)
Web (2 of 15)

Lastly, because she was just too cute:
Web (17 of 20)

Stay tuned for part 2! Sleeping Beauty!! 

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