Sunday, April 21, 2013

King of Winter

I love doing styled sessions. I absolutely adore the planning, the costumes, and editing. I am definitely looking out to do far more styled sessions in the future. If you want an exciting adventure for a session contact me about a styled session. If you have an awesome idea I am more than happy to help you develop it into images that you can treasure for years. If you want a styled session but are just stumped for good ideas let me know! I have a lot of great ideas for future sessions if you want to make a leap into the amazing and wild world of styled sessions. These sessions can be for anyone, not just children! 

My oldest son loves dressing up, he is always excited to be a model for me as long as it includes dressing up and acting. The long winter really put a damper on our fun. My son was really into watching The Guardians and was pretending to be Jack Frost for days. I decided that I was going to figure out a way to do a styled winter session. What can you do in winter? What can you do with a boy? There are tons of "winter fairies", "winter sprites" etc. that girls are able to pull off... but what about boys?

... enter the King of Winter!


As a side note I should add that he does not have makeup on, and his eyes don't really have those dark bags (although mine do...). I wanted to give these a dark, almost Game of Thrones, feel. Plus the King of Winter is a miserable, wretched man... seeing as he has made winter last this long. 

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