Saturday, October 29, 2011

Super Family!!

Well, they may not be an actually family of Supers (Incredibles anyone?? anyone?? ... darn my early morning attempt at humour) but they were definitely a super cool family to take photos of. I am so so thrilled with the way that all of these turned out. 

Here they are on my gorgeous green chair. 

Beautiful baby girl.

Smooch!!! What you don't see is in the next shot she is screeching her displeasure. 


It was a wee bit chilly, so we decided to head back and get a few indoor photos. Here are two of my favorite favorites.



Of course this MUST be shared. She was not at all impressed with us bugging her to change her outfits, or to try to take her away from her very important exploring. You can't blame her though, she had only learned how to walk the day before!!


I have to give a HUGE huge HUGE thanks to this whole family for such an awesome session. It was as exciting and fun editing the photos, as it was taking them.

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