Monday, April 11, 2011

Sweetest newborn! Almost 2 weeks old.

This little guys was a treat to photograph. He slept the entire time I was there, through all my handling and positioning. He was such a sweet guy it was hard to choose only a few pictures to show off here.

I temporarily lost my "baby hat" bag, but managed to put together some cute bunny ears. Just in time for Easter.

WEB (23)

I love love love tiny baby armpits, much cuter than their adult counterparts. ;)
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WEB (7)

He must have a pretty good life.
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Big thank you to the parents of this tiny guy! He was a delight and I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to take his photos.


  1. Beautiful photos and site. I love love the newborn ones.

  2. What a sweet little baby. Love the bunny ears.

  3. Aww....I love the bunny ears....and those feet are adorable!!!

  4. OMG You may have a thing for arm pits, but I have a thing for toes. SOOOO sweet! Love the pics.