Sunday, August 3, 2014

Good Golly Miss Ollie!

Meet our new baby! Her name is Ollie Tigress (hah!). Her middle name is for her brindling and in honour of our big girl that we had to put down, Shasta Tigerlily. 

She is 8 weeks old and calm, silly, friendly, and absolutely stunning. She has captured my husbands heart and has him completely wrapped around her paw, in only one day. 

The kids absolutely adore her. She makes sure that everyone pays attention to her. Surprisingly she had a very quiet night, for a first night in a new home. This MAY have been because my husband snuck her into the bed to sleep next to him. Although how could I be upset when that little face is the one that greeted me? 


You can be sure to see many many more pictures of this little girl as she grows up!

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