Friday, May 9, 2014

Size Small Dog Rescue: Sammie and Lucas

A few more furry friends looking for their forever homes! 


Sammie was just the smallest sweetest little guy. He was a little overwhelmed by the experience of being a model. With that said, my heart melted when I was sitting on the ground to take his picture and he crawled into my lap for some love. His foster family said the he is much more relaxed at home. I thought he was just adorable. Even though he was a bit timid he was still friendly and loved being held and petted. 


If you're looking for a tiny little lapdog please keep Sammie in mind! He is available through Size Small Dog Rescue


Lucas was full of energy and curiosity. He loved being out in the park and was so excited to see everything. He was a very happy little guy, and his fur was so amazingly soft. He felt just like a little lamb, I couldn't get enough of petting him. He was a really nice size and would make a perfect addition to a family. 


If you're looking for a fantastic addition to your family look up Lucas! He is available through Size Small Dog Rescue

Please check out the rest of the adoptable dogs at Size Small Dog Rescue! Every dog that I've photographed from them have been so well mannered and friendly. I always look forward to taking pictures for them.

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