Monday, March 10, 2014

Size Small Dog Rescue - Saskatoon - Jake

I had the very wonderful opportunity to take some new pictures of a few cuties for the Saskatoon Size Small Dog Rescue

The first adorable dog was Jake . Let me tell you, this guy is adorable. He had THE best hairdo ever, I wish you could see his platinum blonde faux hawk a bit better in these images. He's super stylish, and is a really nice small but sturdy size. He is so so adorable and loveable. Doesn't he look just like a little Ewok? 

Jake 4

He is a very cool little guy. We took these images in a busy park and I didn't hear him bark once, at people or other dogs. He jumped like a rabbit for treats, and was super friendly. He's been waiting for a family for quite a while now, he's been with his foster family since last year. 
I'm certain he would love a family of his own.  

If you or anyone else is looking for a dog in the Saskatoon area, please take a look at and consider a rescue dog. If you aren't in a place to adopt but want to help, you can foster, or donate

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