Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A tie, an alley and a boy... or two.

So my dearest dear dear son decided that he and his brother should be wearing their fancy clothes. He has suddenly developed an interest in picking out his own outfits and shoes. This day it extended to his little brother as well. Since boys don't tend to have the nice things that girls do (for outfits at least) I humored him. He looks so handsome with a tie. 

I decided that since they were already all dressed up, since it was also a perfectly overcast day.. that photos were in order. I've been waiting for my oldest boys most atrocious haircut to finally grow out some (thank you husband, for that most special of haircuts). He now looks like a regular kid again, and less like the victim of a home haircut by stylist Dad. 

Debuting his once-again good looks. We walked down the alley by my parents house, much to my Mothers chagrin. She doesn't quite get why I would want to take pictures of my child down there, especially with him in his good clothes. Respect the process Mother, respect the process (hahaha).

B&W WEB (19 of 23)

web Thorsten (12 of 13)

web Thorsten (12 of 23)

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Don't worry he wasn't that close to the box.
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Last but not least.
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Thanks for looking!! 

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  1. Love them! Really nice shots. I like the one of the two brothers underneath the word trust. Very cool pics.