Thursday, January 27, 2011

Self Portraits

I was on my photography forum and there was a "Get out from behind the camera" challenge going on. So I decided that I would participate and get some self-portraits done. I originally thought I would try to do a sort of "Geisha" inspired shoot, with full makeup... only to realize I really don't know how to do my own makeup.. or hair. Sigh. So I did what I could, with my 5 year old son sitting next to me saying "Are you making ugly eyes? Thats ugly colours." etc. very helpful. Hahaha

So my 5 year old decided that this was great fun and that he would be the "picture man" and I would be the "superstar" (his words). He helped me press the shutter and compose the shot, as well as gave me posing tips (can you tell he's been in front of the camera a lot?). I put the camera on a tripod (his hands are too small to hold the camera). So really, its not so much of a self portrait as a regular portrait shot by my son.. maybe he should start his own website... :)

I thought he did a great job. Maybe he has a future in art after all.

This shirt he wanted me to wear because it was so sparkly and was a "superstar" shirt.



And some in colour, different outfit, and texture!


As you can see, I only have one model face. Its a lot harder to be in front of the camera than behind it. I guess I can see why my kids get so tired of being models all the time. Good news though, this session only cost me a small bowl of cheezies. Pretty cheap for a good "picture man".


  1. Well you are more beautiful than I remember and he did a great job. How cute!

  2. wow your son did a great job. Beautiful subject too. :0)