Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Postcards from Playa Del Carmen

Back to the frozen North, from balmy Mexico. I thought I would share these in a series, and all of these from the first set are my landscapes and other postcard shots.

We had a gorgeous time in Playa and I am really wishing that I was back there, especially as I sit here and edit and edit and edit. I feel like it was all a remarkable dream. Thank goodness for beautiful photos that I will look at with longing in the long days of winter.

I loved these sinks, but of course I don't need one.. and the logistics of getting one home.. and then installing it... only to realize it doesn't match my decor at all... beautiful anyways.



More Coba, and that is my Husband. He climbed up twice carrying our 5 year old.

More Tulum

Cozumel. That's my parents driving in their sweet ride. We were with the kids in another VW something or other, not a Bug.. but some other rickety ride. It did have seat belts in the back seat though, so the kids were marginally safer.

Cozumel by the road. All taken through the car window as we sped by.



Beautiful ocean and sky. We sure don't see that in Saskatchewan. Well we have a lot of sky, but not much sea around here.

Parrot at the resort. Despite the rustic photos we did stay in a very nice resort. ;)

What's all that sun without a little sand? My 5 year old's foot. I think we hit the beach every single day, and it was gorgeous. I miss it.

That's it for the postcard collection. Well, really there are a lot more but I have to stop somewhere. I wish I had that wealth of picturesque beauty and amazing buildings, and textures around here. I think I'll have to plan another trip back... maybe next time without kids? Hahaha I doubt it, I would miss them too much... and who would be left to photograph?

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