Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My favorite boys in the whole world.

I thought I better take some pictures of my own gorgeous boys. Keep in mind all these photos had a cost... $5. My oldest son will only take direction for bribes, and of course only paper money will do. The baby takes no direction at all. In fact he did not want to look at the camera at all. So I felt fortunate to get the shots here without anyone ending up in tears (me mainly).

I had originally planned on taking them downtown to do an urban feel photoshoot... but then thought about trying to corral the two boys on my own and quickly changed my mind. I found this little strip of park near Grandma's house. The leaves are just starting to change colours and I was really pumped to see some beautiful red foliage.


I was not upset at all to see the graffiti on the bench. I think it makes the photo a little edgier and more exciting.


I am more than a little biased when I say that my boys are the most beautiful ever.


Just a couple more...



Thanks for looking!

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