Saturday, July 10, 2010

Great Family!

This was a really awesome family that I have known since my oldest son was just a baby. They were such great models and I am thrilled that they suggested this location. It just has so many possibilities and was really fun to find good places to take pictures. We had just wrapped up due to some dark clouds rolling in when the sound of thunder started. On the way back to the car Mike (my husband and reluctant assistant) and I had to run because it just started pouring!! So I am exceedingly thrilled that we managed to get these pictures without all of us getting caught in the storm.

These girls were so pretty. I could not believe how much they had grown since I had last seen them, the littlest was only a few months old. Its amazing how much they can change and grow in a year and a half.

The littlest girl had the most gorgeous light blue eyes (and of course at this age was not interested in the crazy lady making noise and shoving the camera in her face). The older girl is now such a sweet little lady, I still remember her and my son being roly poly babies and I am blown away at how they are turning into such amazing little people.

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and developing them. Thank you!!!

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